Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Otway Forum Report No. 241 Sun. March 11

Mayor Stephen Hart and Cr.Stuart Hart in attendance.

Gary McPike briefed the forum on Otway Coast Committee initiatives, which included:

- New website now online    otwaycoast.org.au

- 30 submissions received on draft coastal management plan. Final document to be released in April

- Expressions of interest called for the public to be on OCC for 3 year terms.

- Consultants to be appointed to do another report on sand movements/erosion at Apollo Bay and Mounts Bay. Report due by end of financial year.

- Vic Roads doing its own report on all aspects of GOR.

- Repairs to be done on foreshore walking track.

- Review of foreshore master plan to be completed this year.

- Football club change rooms to be renovated after season has finished.

- Foreshore playground to be reviewed and renovated.

- Coastal walking track around Marengo caravan park to be built and funded in conjunction with Parks Vic.

Jane Gross briefed the forum on issues concerning a heated indoor pool for Apollo Bay which included:

- The need for COS councillors to commit more funding for a further study to identify pool sites and funding models.

- Councillors to debate and vote on the pool at next council meeting in Colac March 28th COPACC 3pm. (Lobby your councillors now!)

- The possibility of a St. Kilda style heated indoor sea baths/health and wellbeing centre at the harbour as a tourist attraction instead of a hotel.

COS has released figures that show 22% of overall rate income originates from properties with the 3233 post code

Otway Forum can be found at   apollobay.org.au

Next meeting April 8 Marrar Woorn 3pm  All welcome