Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Otway Forum Report  No. 251

Sunday January 13   2013 at Marrar Woorn

Crs. Hart and Delahuntey and CEO Rob Small in attendance.

COS has started work on the next four year plan of priorities for works and services. A workshop will be held in AB within the next six weeks.


COS has appointed Meinhardt Consultants to prepare a Zoning Statement(?) to inform a Planning Scheme Amendment for the AB harbour precinct. They are two months into the six month process. Meinhardt’s produced the highly unpopular 2007 resort based harbour redevelopment plan.

This process will determine what can be built at the precinct. CEO Rob Small assured the forum that a resort/hotel will NOT be allowed within the precinct.

The zoning statement will be open for public comment before it is put in the PSA which then has to be passed by council and the state government.

Tourism Victoria was the proponent for a resort at the harbour. COS ‘s current position is that improvements to public infrastructure at the harbour (such as a change rooms, toilet and walking tracks), should be paid for by the state government and then a developer will build a resort somewhere else in AB.

The area to be covered by the PSA is currently zoned Public Conservation Resource Zone (PCRZ) and Public Park Recreation Zone (PPRZ).

Each zone currently allows for the development of public facilities. So why is there the need for a Zoning Statement and a PSA?

Another waste of time and money by COS? Shouldn’t the money be actually spent on facilities rather than consultants and red tape?

The CEO confirmed that the AB harbour reference group has been disbanded !!!???

Work is being done by COS and Otway Coast Committee to make the AB foreshore a Neighbourhood Safer Place in the event of a bushfire emergency. Perhaps the youth club, mech.hall and senior citz’s building could also be used by older residents in an emergency.

Why can’t we have fire danger signs/clocks (in multiple languages) and sirens through out the shire, to warn the many foreign tourists that visit the area during the fire danger period? Will COS lobby the CFA to allow these common sense options?

COS to review unsolicited material bylaw as it appears to breach the charter of human rights!!!!!