Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Harbour resort development  

 A multi-storey resort at this location will have its foundations at the current high tide level.

Otway Forum urges all current councillors to reject the commencement of a PSA for the harbour and avoid another Great Ocean Green style farce!!!

Councillors and officers are meeting the Fire Services Committee this week and will raise the issues of a fire warning siren and fire danger warning signs in Apollo Bay and COS. Lorne has been approved for a fire siren trial.  Concerns have been raised about liability issues if not every person can hear a siren, however Otway Forum believes any form of warning is better than none at all !!

A new coastal management plan will be released for public comment this week by OCC. However they are still waiting on funding for another report on what to do about the increasing erosion issues at Apollo Bay front beach and Mounts Bay which is threatening the GOR and other infrastructure.  

Otway Forum can be found at apollobay.org.au

Next meeting feb.12 Marrar Woorn 3pm