Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Otway Forum February 2012 Meeting   No. 240
12 February 2012

Mayor Stephen Hart, Cr.Stuart Hart in attendance

-Well done to COS for publishing a summary of upcoming council meeting agendas in the news sheet a week prior.

 Full agendas are also available from the Nelson St office on the Friday prior.

-Next council meeting is in Apollo Bay at the Senior Citizens rooms on Wed, Feb 22 at 3 pm.

 It is expected that councillors will debate then vote on a motion to commence a Planning Scheme Amendment that will allow the construction of a multi storey luxury resort at the Apollo Bay harbour.

-Otway Forum encourages the community to attend and witness the debate. Questions may be asked at the beginning of the meeting or by email before 5pm on the Monday preceding the meeting at inq@colacotway.vic.gov.au

-Otway Forum’s more popular alternative redevelopment plan DOES NOT require a long, costly and divisive PSA.

-The EBD master plan is based on the premise that the golf course would be relocated and is therefore now irrelevant.

- COS does not have a policy to control the spread of pokie machines (most adjoining shires do have). Money needs to be allocated to develop a policy. $7.8 million is spent on pokies in COS.

- The C 65 Amendment now out for public comment, will allow for greater density subdivision and development with in the area bounded by the GOR, Cawood St. McLaughlin St. and Murray St.

- AB walking tracks feasibility study identifies 6 trails ranging in cost from $200,000 to $3m. Funding from Parks Vic. and COS would be needed but when completed they could generate up to $200,000 annually    per track to the local economy. Jobs would be created during construction and for ongoing maintenance.

- The ACCC has ruled that Geelong Otway Tourism has an exemption that allows only their members and members of the AB Chamber of Commerce to display their advertising material at the Visitor Information Centre.

Otway Forum can be found at apollobay.org.au

Next meeting March 11 Marrar Woorn 3pm

Sec. Peter Fillmore