Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Apollo Bay News Sheet  May 24, 2007

Dear Editor,

Masters of Spin

An interesting document has come my way.  The lengthy title is: ‘ Apollo Bay Harbour Precinct Master Plan & Feasibility Study – Issues Paper Overview of Stakeholder Feedback.’  (What they want to say is ‘Community Feedback forms on the Harbour Development have been analysed’!!)

The Shire received 555 submissions and approximately 500 feedback forms.  The consultant then claims:

Majority support for the Vision The truth, rather than the spin, is a little different and comes from a close examination of TABLE 1 Do you think the Vision is appropriate for the Harbour Precinct?

In total 24.3% said Yes and 33.1% said partly, while 42.5% said No.  ‘Never mind’, says the Spin Master, ‘Add 24.3 and 33.1 together to get 57.4%, now that’s a majority support for the vision.  What the figures are really saying is that 57.4% say the vision is either appropriate or partly appropriate, while 75.6% say it is either NOT appropriate or partly appropriate.

On the matter of level of support for individual projects, 72% oppose the Hotel/visitor accommodation.  So do you think they will take any notice of us?  Not a chance!  Under the heading which in part reads, ‘the following is an outline of the changes proposed to the preliminary master plan,’ is the dot point: ‘Removal of shading around the three hotel building envelopes.’  (Whatever that means!!!)  It is clear to me that the Community of Apollo Bay is held in contempt by those responsible for this plan.

John Spencer, Apollo Bay