Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Apollo Bay Harbour Precinct 'Enquiry by Design' Sessions

Following the Forum September Meeting the following ideas were put forward as a consensus view of that meeting:

1.      The primary purpose of the Apollo Bay harbour is to function as a boating facility for both recreational and commercial boat users, and its role as such should not be compromised by inappropriate and non-coastal dependent development.  

2.      The slipway and works area should remain where they are with upgrading as required. To relocate these facilities to the other seawall at the end of the beach as shown on the last plan would be a total disaster.

3.      The Fisherman’s Co-operative could be upgraded as required but remain in its present location.

4.      The Apollo Bay Harbour is characterised by its charming simplicity and the natural features it currently has.  This should be maintained.

5.      No new commercial development or provision of community facilities not dependent on foreshore location should be permitted.  These would be contrary to landscape values and coastal design and siting guidelines.

6.      Point 5 above not withstanding there should be permanent sailing club facilities including clubroom, meeting room etc also available for other community groups.

7.      Improved car and trailer parking and boat launching facilities.

8.      There should be no accommodation development in the precinct.

9.      There is scope for modest development and improvements but this is NOT the Sunshine or Gold Coast

Community members might like to consider these points in presenting views to the 'Enquiry by Design' Sessions