Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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13 candidates attended the forum on Sunday 2 October at the youth club –McCracken, Webber, Schram, Germano, Myers, F. Buchanan , Collins, Beale, Potter, Hart, Francis, Crook and McCallum.

Unfortunately only a small audience made the effort to attend.

However they heard a wide range of views on many subjects.

- A harbour redevelopment small, medium or large?

- A heated indoor pool for AB – yes, no, where and how?

- Climate change implications – yes or no?

- The proposed subdivision at 6280 GOR – no!

- Heathfield public reserve – cow paddock or public park?

- More consultation with AB,  better roads and footpaths, rate capping, more advocacy at state and federal levels, council code of conduct, better planning, heritage listing and annual increased funding for the GOR, commence planning for an alternative route into AB, etc.

Rate capping and an already tight budget will mean many idealistic expectations will go unfulfilled!

Let’s hope the new council can work together constructively and not follow the childish and disruptive behaviour of previous Cr. Smith.

There was much talk of consultation but no mention of how to achieve consensus (general agreement in opinion) within the community.

Unfortunately sustainability was not mentioned either.

It was a fantastic opportunity for the new candidates to become aware of the many issues of concern in our community.

Major decisions on the harbour, swimming pool and new subdivisions will be made in the next 12 months, so good luck choosing the right candidate to represent your views.

Good luck also to the candidates if they are elected.

Apologies Cr. Stephen Hart.

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Otway Forum AGM  at the next meeting Nov. 13th. Marrar Woorn. 3-5pm.