Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Otway Forum Nov. Meeting   No. 237

 AGM held with current office bearers re-elected

  Convener Tony Webber 
  Deputy Bob Telford

  Secretary Peter Fillmore  
  Treasurer Phil Lawson

  Committee members Pat WilsonBob Kangieser, Marg Lawson

 Issues discussed at meeting

- New website now online at apollobay.org.au

  Residents and holiday home owners can now keep up to date with current events in Apollo Bay.

  All contact details for councillors and council officers now on website.

- Now that the golf club has been assured of a new lease on its current title, isn’t it about time our mayor and councillors showed some leadership, dropped this outdated resort redevelopment plan and directed council planning officers to concentrate on facilitating a community swimming pool?

Next forum meeting December 11.   

Peter Fillmore,