Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Otway Forum report 15th May

Once again the harbour resort development was the main topic of discussion.

It was stated that the DSE will be offering the golf club a new 21 year lease.

However it was noted by the CEO Rob Small, that the boundaries are yet to be decided and it will take up to one year to finalize.

This leaves open the possibility that the golf club could still lose land for a resort and access road as in the current proposal

.Rob Small again refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the 800 signature petition opposing the resort proposal.

However, Mayor Brian Crook confirmed that if the consensus from the COS information day on Saturday at the Krambrook room 10am - 4pm, showed widespread community opposition, the $250,000 planning scheme amendment would not proceed.

There will also be a limited phone survey on the community’s response to the harbour resort proposal.

Therefore it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that if you oppose the resort and wish to see the golf course unchanged, that you attend the information day and make your feelings known to the councillors and planning staff.

Otway forum will also be displaying an alternative vision for the harbour precinct at the market.

Other topics discussed included –

The latest car parking study for Apollo Bay is now open for submissions until June 26.

The public car park behind the Bendigo bank should be sealed and drainage issues/signage addressed before the end of the year.

Safety concerns over the width of the air strip after the latest incident.

Information brochures needed for tourists on dog beaches.

Shire funding required for a swimming pool upgrade study.

Analogue TV to remain on until at least December.

A windmill to pump water to the water basin could also become a tourist attraction and promote sustainable energy.

If residents want kerb and channelling/footpaths at special charge scheme will apply.

Main street footpath needs cleaning

Peter Fillmore   Secretary