Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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 Councillor Stuart Hart attended. Apologies Mayor Brian Crook and Councillor Stephen Hart.

Main topic once again was the proposed harbour redevelopment.

 Points raised included –

-The golf club was reassured, by the CEO Rob Small and head of planning Jack Green, at the krambrook room information day last month, that there would be no development south of the boat ramp access road on the golf course.

-The Enquiry By Design redevelopment plan that was displayed on the day, clearly showed that up to 3000 sq metres of the third fairway would be lost to a resort/road development. This plan also showed the 3rd and 12th fairways would be shortened by up to 70 metres. Do we have to wait for the Planning Scheme Amendment to commence to find out the true position of the resort/road?

-The area to the north of the boat ramp access road, between the fish co-op lease and the yacht club rooms is 80 metres by 20 metres and is diagonally  dissected by a cliff face 3-4 metres high.

The proposed EBD three storey resort building, on this site, will have its foundations at the current high tide level.

-Sea level rise by 2100 is now predicted to increase from 80 cm to 1 metre (reports in the Age May 5 and 21).  What is the COS position on climate change?

- Severe erosion is clearly visible along the whole length of the back beach. For every millimetre of vertical rise there is a multiplication factor of 10 for horizontal inundation (particularly where there are only sand dunes, as is the case at the back beach).

-On the Victorian coastline the sea is rising on average 2mm per year. Is there any contingency planning taking place for this eventuality?  A by pass road?  Groynes?

-150 more signatures were collected on the petition OPPOSING THE RESORT proposal. Total now 950 with 80% being local residents or ratepayers.

-Feed back to Otway Forum, on the information day showed 80% opposed the resort proposal and preferred the alternative vision, 18% preferred no change, and 2% approved the resort proposal.

-COS press release from the news sheet June 2nd, confirms that the PSA will commence regardless of the results of the phone survey on residents views. The forum would like to hear from anybody who has been surveyed. What were the questions asked?

Otway Forum questions why the mayor and CEO are so determined to push forward on the resort proposal, (that was instigated by the previous Council and CEO), when it is quite clear that the majority of the community find it unacceptable.

-Otway Forum again urges Terry Mulder to step in and withdraw the state governments $250,000 funding for the PSA .

-Otway Forum has again requested a meeting with COS councillors and planning staff, on June 29th, to present it’s popular, achievable and cheaper option.

Other issues noted at the meeting included –

-Shark sighting at mother’s beach last week. Is this related to the cleaning, at the boat ramp, of the large tuna being caught lately? With a large amount of blood and offal being washed into the harbour who’s responsibility is this and what can be done?

-Apollo Bay , Skenes creek and Marengo missed out on bushfire Neighbourhood Safe Places funding.  Presumably everyone to head for the nearest beach in a bushfire emergency?

-Apollo Bay Future Settlement Boundary and Urban Design Review draft report will be available in coming months.

-Consultants appointed for a $42,000 Apollo bay drainage study.  More built up areas means more concentrated run off issues.

Next Forum meeting July 10th marra worn 3-5 pm

  Residents are encouraged to attend and put questions directly to the CEO, Mayor and councillors in an informal setting.

 It’s a fantastic opportunity to participate in the affairs of your community and the forum is very grateful for the attendance of the CEO, Mayor and some councillors.