Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Otway Forum Report February 13

About 20 people attended the meeting at Marra Worn, including mayor Brian crook, cr Stephen hart and CEO Rob Small.

The main topic was the harbour redevelopment process and the alternative golf course/resort proposal at cr Buchanans property in the barham valley.

Peter Fillmore reported on the previous Tuesdays meeting with council officers and councillors.

The following points were again raised and clarified -

1 The planning scheme amendment will not commence until there is a round of community consultation on the four options developed at Enquiry By Design

2 None of the money allocated for the planning scheme amendment has so far been spent. The money will have to be given back if it doesn’t go ahead. It can not be spent on much needed public infrastructure at the

   Harbour, such as atoilet.

3 The amendment is needed to provide certainty for further use of the harbour precinct

4 Planning was needed because it is predicted that up to 3 million visitors may come through this area in 10 years time. Up from 1.2 million currently

5.Phil Lawson raised the issue that parking at the boat ramp area will be a problem if a resort is built near there. It was noted that parking won’t be an issue if there was no golf course

6 The results of the only EBD workshop were tabled and showed very little support for a hotel at the harbour. However there was a lot of support for basic infrastructure and a range of other uses at the harbour.

7 The more comprehensive CSIRO and RMIT led workshops were tabled,  and produced a range of scenarios for Apollo bays future. They focused on  sustainability and didn’t simply rely on tourism, which is often   

  susceptible to changing economic conditions

8 Planisphere consultants have been contracted to do an “Urban Growth Potential in Apollo Bay Study”, to define the future limits to residential and population growth in Apollo bay. Public consultation will be called for.

9 Sea level rise is now an important issue to be considered, since the last state government report in 1997 designated Apollo bay as an area which could see moderate growth.

10 It was stated by the mayor and CEO that a letter had been sent supporting the golf clubs bid for a renewal of its current lease. However the golf club is unaware of any such letter.

11 The first report to the state governments Gateway Review process has been completed, but it has not got to the second report( a business case study for a resort). That will be up to a developer at some point in                         the  future. Otway forum has requested a copy of the first report.

12 The new Rural Activity Zone in the Barham valley was discussed in relation to cr buchanans proposed development. It being a possible conflict of interest  with the future renewal of the Apollo bay public golf course  lease.  However no conclusions were reached.

13 Early draft layouts, (prepared by a major landscape architectural and urban planning company), of option 1 from the 1990 harbour report, were displayed and generated keen interest from all present.

 14 Bob Telford  raised  a number of issues with regard to infrastructure around town that the shire needs to address. These are now designated as Robs jobs!!

15 The issue of management of the public land the Heathfield estate would be addressed by the setting up of a consultative committee.

16, Anomalies within the neighbourhood character overlay were causing restrictions on building at Skenes creek

Otway Forum is planning to hold another public information day on the long weekend in March to display the option 1 plan and other new information that has come to light.

Otway Forum encourages the Apollo Bay community to write to the Colac herald and Echo to express your view point on any of the above, as it’s important that other ratepayers in the shire can learn about what is happening with the Apollo bay harbour redevelopment.  We also encourage you to sign the petition at the post office which opposed the current harbour redevelopment proposal

Peter Fillmore.