Apollo Bay, Victoria - on the Great Ocean Road

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Otway Forum Meeting 14th August

Foreshore manager, Gary McPike, reported on plans to repair the erosion along the front beach,

It is planned to concentrate on the one kilometre section between Tuxion rd. and Mariners Lookout Rd.

This will involve the placement of approx. 550  2.5m x 600mm  Geotech bags filled with sand reclaimed from the beach east of the Wild Dog Creek entrance and from the northern side of the Point Bunbury groyne.

It is hoped that this can be completed before the hooded plover nesting season begins this spring, but is subject to DSE approval and funding

The cost is expected to be approx. $450,000

There will be 2 layers of bags with a total height of 1.2 meters and will be back filled to rebuild the walking track.

This is seen as a cost effective method that should have a life span of 15 years.

A more permanent solution that would involve groynes or offshore wave barriers, would cost several million dollars, take several years to complete and may have unintended consequences!

(The AB Sand Study report 2005 found on the COS website explains these options.)

The back beach is also experiencing similar problems.

It was noted that these issues are being faced all around Australia and the world, with governments having to make decisions to rebuild the beaches or retreat further inland and who pays?

Coastal Spaces sea level rise mapping for Apollo Bay should be completed within the next 12 months.

Sea level rise is currently expected to be 80cm by 2100, but will likely rise to 1 meter in the next IPCC report in 2014.

A Draft Coastal Management Plan for the Apollo Bay to Separation Creek area will be released in November for public comment.

The Undaria seaweed  growth continues to be a problem for the DSE at the harbour.

Its looks to be impossible to eradicate and can only be contained if boat operators and fishermen clean and drain their equipment before re-entering the ocean elsewhere.

Luckily it is edible, so a business opportunity awaits any entrepreneurs out there!

- COS CEO, Rob Small, reported that the phone survey to gauge community support for a harbour redevelopment/resort/rezoning had been completed.

Councillors will be briefed shortly on the results, which will then be released to the public.

Once again it was stated during the survey that no resort meant no redevelopment at the harbour. Is this push polling?

It was pointed out that this statement was made at the EBD public meeting in Sept. 2007, by an (ex) senior bureaucrat from Tourism Victoria.

It is not known if this is government policy or just the opinion of one ex bureaucrat!

Otway Forum’s alternative vision has widespread support, is sustainable, achievable and way cheaper!

It was noted that the golf club requested a site inspection with the CEO and head of planning Jack Green after the information day at the Krambrook room in late May.

Concerns had been raised that the EBD plans seemed to show that a new harbour access road past the co-op to the boat ramp car park would significantly shorten the third fairway.

The CEO confirmed that only the third tee may need to be altered to widen the access road behind the co-op and the rezoning would not encroach to the south of the access road.

The golf club has received a letter from DSE confirming that their lease will be renewed, but it will take 12 months to finalize!

- A Draft Open Spaces Strategy document is open for public comment until 9th September.

The most important open space in Apollo bay under the control of COS is the land between the Heathfield Estate and the Barham River.

This public land could accommodate the Pony Club and a community garden so have your say!

- The Apollo Bay Aquatic Centre Analysis Survey is available from the news sheet box at the newsagent or online.

So once again get involved so we can finally get this important community infrastructure built.

Wouldn’t it be great if our shire planners spent their time facilitating a pool rather than an unwanted resort development at the harbour?

Otway Forums web site can be found at apollobay.org.au

Meetings held 2nd Sunday of the month at Marra Worn 3pm